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Green County Fair

Welcome to the Open Class Book & Information!

2019 Open Fair Results are completed! Check out the link to FairEntry: https://fairentry.com/Fair/Results/3447 . You will be able to filter the results to get the information you are looking for. You will have until August 16, 2019 @ 4 pm to address any possible erros with the Fair Office. Once checks are printed, NO changes will be made. For any questions or concerns please contact the Fair Office @ 608-325-9159 or greencountyfair@tds.net.

For Guidelines please click: FairEntry Online Entries & Guidelines
Please click on the link to register online: https://fairentry.com/Fair/SignIn/3447 
Fair Vet Services, Truck & Trailer Policy, Parking Policy & ATCP 160
Animal Health Regulations


Dept 101 Dairy
Dept 112 Dairy Products
Dept 114 Plant & Soil Science
Dept 115 Flowers & House Plants
Dept 116 Natural Sciences
Dept 118 Cultural Arts
Dept 120 Photography
Dept 122 Woodworking
Dept 125 Foods & Nutrition
Dept 126 Clothing
Dept 127 Knitting & Crocheting
Dept 128 Home Furnishing
Quilts on Parade
Dept 150, 151, 152 Senior Citizen

If you have any questions please contact the Fair Office @ 608-325-9159