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Green County Fair

Welcome to the 2019 Jr. Fairbook!

2019 Jr. Fair Results are completed! Check out the link to FairEntry: https://fairentry.com/Fair/Results/3059 . You will be able to filter the results to get the information you need. NOTE: there is no club filter, so if you are looking for a specific type of list please email a request of the information you are looking for to greencountyfair@tds.net . Premiums are paid based on Ribbon that is why you do not see any placings. You will have until August 16th @ 4 pm to address any possible errors with the Fair Office. Once checks are printed, NO changes will be made. For any questions or concerns please contact the Fair Office @ 608-325-9159 or greencountyfair@tds.net

Fur & Feather Auction Starts at 10 a.m. The order of the Auction is as follows: Ducks, Rabbits, Turkeys, Chickens. Click here for the Fur & Feather Auction Program.

Meat Animal Auction Starts at 12:30 pm. The order of the Auction is as follows: Steers, Goats, Lambs, Swine. Please Click on each of the species to get their Auction Program.

For Guidelines please click: FairEntry Online Entires & Guidelines

Please click on the link to register online: https://fairentry.com/Fair/SignIn/3059

Promote the Fair Contest & Rules
Green County Jr. Fair Trophies & Awards
Animal Health Regulations
Jr. Fair Judging Schedule
Green County 4-H Projects VS County Jr. Fair Departments Chart
4-H & FFA Livestock Auction
Dairy Youth Recognition Auction
Jr. Fair General Rules & Instruction

Dept. 1 Dairy- Revised 6/10/2019
Dept. 2 Beef- Revised 4/26/2019
Dept. 3 Swine
Dept. 4 Sheep
Dept. 5 Goats
Dept. 6 Horses
Dept. 7 Poultry- Revised 5/1/2019
Dept. 8 Rabbits
Dept. 9 Dogs
Dept. 10 Vet Science- Revised 4/12/2019
Dept. 13 Cats
Dept. 14 Plant & Soil Science
Dept. 15 Flowers & House Plants
Dept. 16 Natrual Sciences
Dept. 17A Cloverbuds

Dept. 17B Explorers
Dept. 18 Cultural Arts
Dept. 20 Photography
Dept. 21 Computers
Dept. 22 Woodworking
Dept. 23 Electricity
Dept. 24 Mechanical Science
Dept. 25 Food Nutrition
Dept. 26 Clothing- Revised 4/5/2019
Dept. 27 Knitting & Crocheting
Dept. 28 Home Furnishings
Dept. 29 Child Development
Dept. 31 Demonstrations
Dept. 33 Leadership Entreprenueurship Self Det Serv Learning
Dept. 34 Health Sciences

Please contact the following with any questions:
U.W. Extension Office- 608-328-9440
Green County Fair Office- 608-325-9159