Tractor/Truck Pull

There are currently no events.

2021 Classes

  • Street legal Gas 4×4 Truck <6500 lbs
  • Street legal Diesel 4x4Truck <8000 lbs
  • >9000 lbs farm tractor
  • >12000 lbs farm tractor
  • >15000 lbs farm tractor
  • <18000 lbs farm tractor
  • MFW / Duals farm tractor
  • Unlimited – Factory ballasts only, No cement or blades
  • Street Semi

Green County Fair Tractor/Truck Pull Rules

1. Pullers must be registered by 6:00 pm.
2. Registration fee of $20/hook.
3. Pullers are required to be 16 yrs old. Under 18 require parents signiture on waiver.
4. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver.
5. No riders allowed on pulling unit during the pull.
6. Puller and one pit helper are allowed free entrance to the pits with each pulling unit.
7. No pit members are allowed on the track during the pull.
8. Limit of 1 pit crew member allowed on the track assisting to hook.
9. Pullers are required to stay inside the side lines. Crossing the line will result in disqualification.
10. Pullers failing to follow direction of the flagman will result in disqualification.
11. No carry in alcoholic beverages are allowed onto the grounds.
12. GCF officials have the right to adjust weight classes to enhance participation.
13. GCF has the right to refuse registration to any puller.
14. GCF officials have the right to remove anyone in the pit area for conduct detrimental to the GCF.
15. There will be no refunds for pullers registered and unable to pull.
16. Puller and 1 pit crew member allowed entry to the pits at no charge with each pulling unit. Additional pit passes allowed for $10/each person and must sign a waiver form.
17. Tractors and trucks must be stock, no professional pullers allowed in farm and street classes. GCF pull officials have the right to refuse entry of units with enhanced engines and may not be allowed entry in a specific class.